Primitive Survival Skills – 45 Tips and Tricks11:09


Here are some Primitive Survival Skills if you are caught in the wilderness with only a few items.

If you’re zippo lighter has run out of fuel don’t worry about it.  Take out the cotton and light the cotton with a spark from the lighter.

Always leave some aluminum foil in your bug out bag.  If the ground is damp and you can’t get a fire going because mother nature hates you, this will give you a dry spot to start your fire.

Placing masking tape over your flashlight reduces your profile but still gives you enough light to work with.

If you have a functioning wristwatch, you can use it to find your north and south line

Having a guitar case as a bugout bag is very unconventional but it gives you the ability to carry alot of gear without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Household bleach can be used to purify water.  The ratio is 2 drops of bleach to one liter of water. (unscented bleach only)

Toothpaste can be used to treat bug bites and insect stings.

Tent pegs can be used as a makeshift grill.

Large rocks placed around a campfire will absorb heat, and even when the fire dies down it will still generate enough heat to keep you warm.

Also the hot rocks can be placed in a cup of water and the heat will boil and purify the water.

If you are stung by stinging nettles,  remember that the stinging sensation is caused by the needles injecting acid into you.  Combat this by spitting on it immediately and scrubbing it hard with a piece of clothing to get the acid off.

Fire is a natural insect repellent.