Urban Homestead – Tons of food on 1/4 of an Acre.15:13


Growing your own usually means moving to the country, plowing the fields and cultivating the crops.   Harvesting the bounty for your table.   But these days,  more people are turning to their own backyards to create urban farms.  One southern California family is at the forefront of that movement.

A stones throw away from the fast lane is a lush, but tiny Eden.   A 4000 square foot Farm.  It not only feeds a famly but revolutionizes the idea of what can be done in a very unlikely place, the middle of a city.

63 year old Jules Devaes started this backyard farm 10 years ago.   Its a deliberate throwback to the storied days of self reliant rural America.  Jules and his children grow almost all the food they need and everyone pitches in.