Make Drinking Water From Sea Water02:01


How to get sea water, to turn into fresh water if you don’t have any specialist equipment.  What I have here is a Seawater still.  The bottle that you see on the fire is the gas bottle that lives on a life raft, so we’re going to fill it with water (saltwater).  Then get a fire going underneath.  As soon as the water begins to boil, steam will come up to the head of the bottle.  We’ve used the leak stoppers from the life raft kit to secure the hose from the bellows into the bottle.  Tape at the top comes of the survival rations that were left inside the life raft.

Then, packing the tube with sand all the way around, trying to make sure it cools down the steam and it condenses so that when we come around to the working end around here, the steam coming out has cooled enough to form water.

This technique was used by a pilot in the pacific during the second world war, when he was stranded on an island that didn’t have any fresh water.  He said it takes alot of effort and it does.  The main effort is having enough fuel to keep the fire going all the time.

So once again.

How to make drinking water from sea water: Heat the water in the bottle, when it boils the steam that comes off will be pure fresh water.  Condense that in the pipe and collect it down here.