How to make Eggshell planters [Video]04:04


EggShell Planter Pots

One really cool way to grow your starter plants is to grow them in egg shells.  When you crack your eggs in the morning, crack it towards the top so that you have a lot of the egg left.  So then you can plant a decent amount of soil in the egg.

Then you want to take the soil and fill up however much you want before you plant the seed.  I will be planting cabbage seeds here which need 1/4 in depth.

Make sure you push some of the soil towards the sides.

I’m going to put in a seed or 2 in each of the egg shells.

After the seeds are in, top off the eggs with the soil.

After that I marked the egg container with the name of what I planted.

You can also label the egg yourself.  When you’re ready to plant you can give the egg a little squeeze so it will break down a little quicker.

You also want to put a pin hole in the bottom of these when you start, to help with drainage.

Hope you enjoyed the Eggshell planters how to  Video