How to make a homemade washing machine03:14



Today I’m going to show you how to make a homemade washing machine.   Something like this could be very useful in case there is an EMP, Zombie apocalypse or natural disaster.  This requires no power of electricity to run.  All you need is your arms to run the apparatus.

Keep in mind a homemade washing machine cleans clothes using the agitation method, which basically means it pushes water through the clothes, and thus removing the debris or dirt with it as it passes.  We are going to be doing the same thing but in a more simple and crude way.

We are only going to need 2 things:

A 5 gallon Bucket

A 2 dollar plunger.

This plunger isn’t perfect just yet.  Let me show you some modifications that are needed to make it work.

The first thing we are going to need to do is, cut the bottom piece off the plunger.

Next you will want to cut 6 holes on top of the plunger to agitate the water, so the water comes through the cap as you’re pushing down.