How to make a fire in wet weather06:58


I’m going to share with you my method of making those huge fires that you all seem to enjoy, and how to make your fires last all night especially in wet weather.

Your biggest fret in wet weather fire making is the damp ground.  We can get over this hurdle by building a dry wooden platform to build our fire upon.   Gather some hardwood branches, oak maple and birch will do the trick.   The reason I recommend hardwoods for the platform is because hardwoods are alot denser, therefore transforming into smoldering black embers and charcoal over time as opposed to the ashy charred wood that softwood often create.

Place 2 branches facing one way then build a platform on top of that facing the other way.  Not only does this keep the fire further off the ground but also allows more oxygen to enter the fire from below.  Maximizing oxygen input is a fine detail that’s required to aid in the combustion process.   This platform over time will gradually transform into those smoldering embers, and having a good base layer of hot embers will give you the constant source of heat through·out your fire that you’ll need.

Another great practice is to create a fire perimeter, by laying your larger pieces of firewood on the outskirts of your fire in a neat and orderly fashion.  Your fire will gradually dry out these bigger branches  while you build your fire up.  This wooden perimeter serves to bounce heat back into the fire, another fine detail.  This construction will also allow you to add more pieces of large wood to the top of your fire in a neat and orderly fashion, as opposed to the traditional tee pee fire build that’s often prone to collapsing and smothering your fire.

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