How to Fill Your Canteen With Water From a Tree.08:37


How to get water from a tree:

A technique I want to show you today is a technique I use fairly commonly where the water is either non existent or really nasty and I don’t want to filter it.  We are going to talk about primitively tapping a tree with nothing more than a knife and a canteen to tie around the tree to hold the water.  Real simple concept, but it is a seasonal concept.  It only works in early spring / late winter and when the sap is running really high in the trees like maple and birch.  Some say Sycamore can be tapped but I haven’ had a whole lot of luck.

The whole point of this technique is that we are using the tree as a filter.  Its almost like nature’s vitamin water essentially.  You’re getting all kinds of sugars, nutrients, vitamins, minerals from the tree’s sap.  It has a good taste on most occasions especially maple.  Its the same place we get maple syrup.  The only downside is that the water is only good for 24 to 48 hours tops, because it does have a tendency to ferment.