Blizzard Survival Bag Review and Test (VIDEO)10:03


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This is a full size Blizzard Survival Bag, packed down to the size of a VHS video tape.  Its 8.5 inches long by 4 inches wide, by 1.75 inches thick.

The idea of this reflex cell technology came about 15 years ago from the managing director of blizzard survival.  He realize that outdoor enthusiasts and professionals needed something more effective than a plastic bivvy bag and something that was lighter than a conventional sleeping bag.  Something that you could carry in your survival kits.  These bags are used in the British Military and now the US military special ops teams are using them.

Its very lightweight, it only weights 13 ounces.  Comes in lots of different colors.

What I like about it is, its reusable, and its much better material than the old mylar bags.

This reflex cell technology is basically like a honeycomb.  This is supposedly what traps all the cold air and keeps you warm.  This has the warmth of a medium weight regular sleeping bag.  Its waterproof and windproof and can be stored indefinitely.

The price is about 35 dollars in the US.