Common Backyard Edible Weeds and Plants20:27

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You don’t need to go deep into the woods to find wild edibles, lots of them are right in your back yard.

Here is a short list of some common backyard edible weeds and plants.


What we got here is purple dead nettle, also called purple arch angel.   Its in the mint family, its got a square stem.  You can identify this by the way the leaves droop, it is in the mint family so it has those hairy leaves.


This whole plant is edible.  Its really high in iron and vitamin C and other vitamins as well.  Although the whole planet is edible… the whole plant does not taste very good.  Also something very important to know is that it is a pretty strong laxative.


I use this plant for alot of different things.  They taste all right, they aren’t bad the real prize.  The seeds and the pods come up and look like little cheese rounds.  Its almost like a nut, its real crunchy.  Has almost like a sunflower taste to it.

Common Mallow



You can always tell these from the 5 petals.  The flowers, leaves, and stems are edible.

Violet Plant



To the right is Broad leaf dock and to the left is Burdock.  I can’t begin to tell you the medicinal value of these plants.  Go to google and research these plants more.  Broad-leaf dock is also called Butterdock.  Settlers used to wrap butter in this to give it a larger shelf life.


Red Clover

Red Clover and white clover are both going to have these white V’s in them.   Red clover is way bigger.  White clover way smaller.  Red clover flowers are great to eat, the leaves not so much unless you are really hungry.



This is a broad leaf plantain.  One of the easiest ways to identify this plant is that the stem has an almost canoe like shape to it. Also the veins on the back are a key indentifier
It can be eaten raw, it has an earthy mushroom tastes to it, I find it rather pleasant.  Earlier in the spring it tastes better, in the summer, it has more of an astringent taste.